Kerico Helps NIRP Improves Facility Utilization Rates By Lowering Appointment No Shows

National Interventional Radiology Partners (NIRP), a leading vascular radiology clinic, specializing in the diagnosis of peripheral artery disease (PAD) needed a safe and reliable away to help their patients arrive on time to their appointment to help them improve facility utilization.

Untreated PAD can be dangerous because it can lead to painful symptoms or loss of a leg, and patients with PAD have an increased risk of coronary artery disease, stroke and heart attack. Correct and timely diagnosis and treatment are key to better outcomes.

NIRP turned to Kerico to help improve appointment fill rates and overall staff and facility utilization rates.

The NIRP team realized that if they could give qualifying patients access to reliable transportation, they could increase their operating efficiency and potentially enhance patient outcomes by ensuring face-to-face appointments between patients and their radiology staff.

Using Kerico's online dispatch service, NIRP requests rides for patients in advance, so patients get to appointments much easier. Patients need not have access to an app or smart phone because Kerico manages the dispatch, pickup and drop off process.

The result: A decrease in missed appointments and an increase in their ability to keep their expensive CT diagnostic equipment busy with a higher utilization rate. NIRP realized the following benefits for their patients and business:

  • Fewer Missed Appointments—NIRP has increased schedule fill rates

  • Reliable Service—Patient ride status is trackable in real-time and Kerico can contact the driver by phone.

  • Cost-Efficient—By using Kerico, NIRP improved staff, equipment and facility operational efficiency with on time arrivals and better facility utilization.

  • Manageable Workflow—Case managers at NIRP are able to book patient rides hours ahead of time, streamlining the appointment setting process.

Contact us today to find out how Kerico can help improve your clinic's facility utilization and appointment show rates.

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